Champagne and Wine Glass Quilted Case - 6 Cells

Item No. GJ-220-6-QM

£14.34 Incl. VAT £11.95 Excl. VAT

Quilted storage case for wine glasses and champagne flutes.  Perfect for storing those glasses for special occasions.  Holds 6 glasses.

Made of deluxe quilted microfibre, all of our cases are padded and lined for a soft layer of cushioning.  

Please note: these cases will not provide the same degree of protection that our correx glassware storage boxes offer, to view please click on  glass-measurement-guide.

These handy sized cases also include easy to assemble cardboard dividers that can safely separate items inside and a blank paper label to identify the contents..

Product information

Wine Glass and Champagne Flute Storage Case

Product no. GJ-220-6-QM

Store = 6 glasses

Glass maximum height = 220mm

Glass maximum width / diameter = 75mm

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