Plastic Gin Glasses – Polycarbonate - Pack of 4

Item No. GJ-300107

£23.94 Incl. VAT £19.95 Excl. VAT

Plastic Gin Glasses – Polycarbonate Plastic, Pack of 4.

Large bowl glasses, ideal for presenting gin and tonic combinations over ice, topped with garnishes and cocktails.  

Manufactured from strong and durable polycarbonate plastic which is virtually unbreakable.


Product information

Plastic Reusable Gin Glasses 700ml / 21oz

Rim Width / Diameter = 95.2mm | Height = 195mm

Material = Polycarbonate

No fill line

Brim Capacity = 700ml / 21oz

Durability Unlimited / unbreakable / dishwasher safe

Item no GJ- 300107
Product Copa Gin
Content cl. 70 cl
Content oz. 23,7 oz
Amount per. Box 4
Series Cocktail
Item weight (netto) 92 g
Product size - Dia top (L) 95,2mm
Product size - Dia bottom (W) 80mm
Product size - High 195mm
Type Material PC
Colour Clear
Bottom logo G4E

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