Elite Premium Silver Polycarbonate Champagne Flutes - 6 Pack

Item No. GJ-141-1SV NS-6

£16.56 Incl. VAT £13.80 Excl. VAT

This pack of 6 beautiful silver premium polycarbonate champagne flutes would add some sparkle when serving bubbles at your special occasion or celebration.  A safe but elegant alternative to breakable glass, this plastic flute has been manufactured with high quality polycarbonate material and is almost unbreakable. Silver in colour, these unique plastic glasses are perfect choice for use at weddings, christenings, parties and, anniversary festivities.  Indoor and outdoor event companies would also benefit from using these tough glasses where it is essential for breakages to be avoided.

Other coloured plastic glassware can also be purchased from Glassjacks, please see our ‘You May Also Like’ section at the bottom of this page.

These champagne flutes glasses can also be purchased as bulk buy offers.  Please click on this link to view: Reusable Plastic Glasses - Bulk Buy Offers.

Product information

Elite Premium 6.6oz Flute Silver NS

Product Code : GJ-141-1SV NS-6

Carton Quantity : 6

Manufactured In : UK

Material : Polycarbonate

Strength : Virtually unbreakable

Glass Washer Safe : Yes

Life Span : Over 1000 Cycles

Top Width : 55mm

Bottom Width : 67mm

Overall Height : 219mm

Weight : 76g

Capacity : 187ml/18.7cl/6.6oz

CE Marked : N/A

Colour : Silver

Reusable : Yes

Recyclable : Yes

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