Plastic Champagne Flutes Polycarbonate

Our range of plastic champagne flutes are a great alternative to glassware champagne glasses. Made from tough polycarbonate and virtually unbreakable our plastic champagne flutes are also elegant and perfect for your bar, event and for entertaining at home.

These elegant plastic champagne glasses come in a full range of colours, clear plastic champagne glasses, frosted champagne glasses, red champagne glasses, blue champagne glasses, gold champagne glasses, silver champagne glasses, black champagne glasses and very popular white champagne glasses.

Plastic champagne glasses dish washable and are 100% recyclable. 

Will my fizz taste different in plastic glassware? For many people, how champagne or prosecco tastes is typically the result of its temperature. Most people may think that a normal glass will keep their drink colder for longer however, surprisingly this not the case. Polycarbonate champagne plastic glasses have excellent insulation properties, they will keep cold drinks colder for longer than normal glassware.

Plastic Champagne Flutes Polycarbonate

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