Plastic Martini Glasses - Polycarbonate

Plastic Martini glasses made from strong and durable polycarbonate plastic.  These elegant and stylish resusable stemmed plastic cocktail glasses have an inverted cone bowl which really suits cocktails that are “served up” such as Martini. 

As Martinis must be served frosty cold, the long stem further ensures that the cocktail isn't warmed up too quickly.  Polycarbonate plastic glasses have excellent insulation properties.  They will keep cold drinks colder and hot drinks hotter for longer than normal glassware.

All of the bold and beautiful colours in this collection of plastic Martini glasses are available in packs of 12.

Plastic glassware is an ideal alternative to breakable glass and can be resused time and time again.


Plastic Martini Glasses - Polycarbonate

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