Plastic Jugs and Carafe - Polycarbonate

Glassjacks offers an assortment of plastic jugs and plastic carafe for you to choose from.  The plastic jugs carafes are from our Elite premium collection of catering quality, plastic glassware.  The plastic jugs and plastic carafes are made from strong, extremely tough polycarbonate plastic which is almost unbreakable.  Polycarbobanate plastic glassware is approximately 250 times stronger and 6 times lighter than breakable glass.  

Ideal for catering at large capacity indoor events or for outdoor catering.  Beer, Pimms and other cocktails are beautifully presented in these plastic jugs that look similar to normal glass.  Great for parties and serving beverages to groups of people to share.

Polycarbonate plastic glassware also has excellent insulation properties.  Cold drinks will stay colder in the plastic jugs for a much longer period than normal glassware.

4 Pint Plastic Jugs, 3 Pint Plastic Jugs and 2 Pint Plastic Jugs are available in this plastic glassware range as well as CE Marked plastic jugs.

These plasic jugs can also be purchased as bulk buy offers.  Please click on this link to view: Reusable Plastic Glasses - Bulk Buy Offers.

Plastic Jugs and Carafe - Polycarbonate

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