Twister Plastic Sip Clear Shot Glass, 30ml (15ml + 15ml) - 60 Pack

Item No. GJ-004-2CL DG

£18.36 Incl. VAT £15.30 Excl. VAT

Econ Twister polystyrene plastic 30ml sip shot glass in a pack of 60.  A revolutionary polystyrene plastic recyclable shot glass that has two separate chambers (15ml each) that twist around each other, allowing you to create some visually exciting mini cocktails. Choose two different coloured drinks and fill a chamber with each one to keep them separate, sip the shot and savour the taste as the flavours combine and mix together. This unique plastic shot is ideal for serving 2 x 15ml servings to make up a 30ml shot.    

Glassjacks can also offer you other size shot glasses in the polystyrene plastic Econ range, 35ml, 40ml, 50ml and 60ml.  CE marked glasses are also available.

Product information

Product Code : GJ-004-2CL DG

Carton Quantity : 60

Manufactured In : UK

Material Polystyrene

Strength : Rigid/Reusable

Glass Washer Safe : Yes

Life Span : 100 Cycles (Up to)

Top Width : 43mm Bottom Width : 31mm Overall Height : 68mm

Weight : 15g

Capacity : 15ml+15ml/1.5cl+1.5cl

CE Marked : N/A

Colour : Clear

Reusable : Yes

Recyclable : Yes

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