Plastic Glassware from Glassjacks

Polycarbonate Glasses Reusable Polycarbonate glasses are clear, durable and safe. These glasses have superior strength over other plastic materials and are therefore virtually unbreakable.  With the elegant appearance of glass and the practicality of plastic, they are a high quality alternative for outdoor or large events and are also a safe and secure option to use in commercial establishments. When tested in glass washers with a standard solution in excess of 500 cycles the glasses showed no noticeable visual detraction.  Champagne flutes, Wine, Martini, Beer, Tumbler, Shot and Hot Drink glasses are available in this Elite range.  We also have a selection of polycarbonate jugs. 

Polystyrene Glasses Reusable Reusable Polystyrene glasses provide a high level of transparancy and look very similar to the polycarbonate range.  These glasses are rigid and robust like the polycarbonate glasses and are a cheaper option.  Ideal for eliminating broken glass they are perfect for outside catering, parties and large indoor events.  These products have been tested in glass-washers with a standard solution in excess of 100 cycles with no noticeable visual detraction.  In this Econ range we have Champagne Flutes, Wine, Hiball, Pint and Shot glasses.

Disposable Glassware Disposable glassware for single use.  We offer two ranges of this glassware. The Flair which has been manufactured from high quality, crystal clear polystyrene.  This disposable range of glassware presents elegance and style.  We also offer an economy range, the Flexy.  A good choice if you are looking for a safe, value for money option.  The Flexy is made from high quality crystal clear polypropylene.  Champagne flutes, Pint, Half Pint, Wine and Shot glasses are featured in both of these ranges.  Biodegradable glasses, Pint and Half pint glasses are also available, helping you to help the environment.

CE Marked Glassware Glassjacks offer a full range of reusable CE marked glassware.  Champagne flutes, Wine, Beer, Hiball and Shot glasses are featured in this range.

Coloured Polycarbonate Glassware  If you are looking for a distinctive look or style at your event or establishment coloured glassware provides a sophisticated and practical solution.  A variety of glassware including Wine, Beer, Shot Glasses and Champagne flutes is available.  The glassware is manufactured from Elite polycarbonate plastic, virtually unbreakable.

Frosted Glassware The frosted glassware range is made from durable polycarbonate and is virtually unbreakable.  This collection of glassware has a unique frosted finish, the perfect alternative to breakable glassware.  In this range we offer Champagne flutes, Wine, Martini and Shot Glasses. 



Plastic Glassware from Glassjacks

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