Euro Crate Glass Storage

The Glassware Euro Crate storage range is made from heavy duty polypropylene construction and is unrivalled in quality and durability, suitable for many industries. Tough crates with internal dividers to store and transport your glassware. 

All our euro crate range comprise of a standardised footprint  / base of 600mm x 400mm, perfect for stacking and palletisation. These Inter-stacking modular containers are compact and stable when loaded. Reinforced corners increase the safety and structural integrity when used in transporting heavy loads. Handles are incorporated for effective manual handling.

Please note: for large euro crate orders the euro crates and internal dividers will be delivered separately. Fitting of the internal dividers is quick and easy.

The glassware crates are grey in colour and one lid will fits all of the range. Please click on this link, euro crate lid

Euro Crate Glassware Storage Box




Euro Crate Glass Storage

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