Elite 15oz Goblet Clear NS, Polycarbonate Beer Glasses - 12 Pack

Item No. GJ-157-1CL NS

£23.94 Incl. VAT £19.95 Excl. VAT

Back by popular demand, the Goblet. This time there are three sizes, in a new and improved design. 10oz, 15oz and 20oz, all made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. The elegant stemmed design is well suited to beer and cocktails.

The 10oz Goblet come in cartons of 18 glasses. 

 The 15oz Goblet come in cartons of 12 glasses.

The 20oz Goblet come in cartons of 12 glasses.

Product information

Product Code : GJ-157-1CL NS

Carton Quantity : 12

Manufactured In : UK

Material : Polycarbonate

Strength : Virtually unbreakable

Glass Washer Safe : Yes

Life Span : 500 Cycles (up to)

Top Width : 73mm / Bottom Width : 67mm / Overall Height : 179mm / Weight : 167g

Capacity : 420ml/42cl/15oz

CE Marked : N/A

Colour : Clear

Reusable :  Yes

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