Gusto Premium Wine / Water Glass, 25cl / 8.75oz and Glassjack - Glassware Storage - 24 Pack

Item No. GST121+245-24

£101.56 Incl. VAT £84.63 Excl. VAT

The Gusto Premium Wine / Water Glass is both elegant and durable.  This beautiful, premium range of glassware is made from sophisticated Crystalline material. This fine wine glass is perfectly polished from bowl to stem for a perfect transition. The range is dishwasher safe, perfect for time efficient cleaning of glasses.

These premium wine glasses are provided complete with one of our glassware storage boxes, otherwise known as a 'glassjack', to help store and protect your glassware.  The boxes are tough, durable and perfect for transporting glassware.

Introducing our stunning Genware range of catering glassware, perfect for bars, restaurants, events or for entertaining at home.  Genware catering glassware is dishwasher safe, perfect for time efficient cleaning of glasses in busy restaurants and bars.  This glassware range has a beaded rim and is manufactured from a single piece of glass to improve strength and durability.

Wine Glass storage boxes provide a simple and secure solution for moving and storing glasses. There are many other uses for these boxes to pack and protect. Made from strong, durable fluted plastic, these crates can be safely stacked on top of each other.

Product information

Product code GST121+245-24
Number glasses  = 24
Number of Glassjacks / Storage Boxes = 1 (which can store 24 glasses)
Glass height = 216mm
Glass width / diameter = 77mm. Rim width / diameter 52mm
Glassjacks included ref. no.245-24

Lid-03 included
Glassjack - Stackable Strong - durable corrugated plastic
Glassjacks lifting handles
Glassjacks are delivered flat pack for self assembly.

All Gusto glassware is made from Crystalline material developed especially for the food service industry.
Extended upper rim thickness provides improved strength and durability.

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