Elite Remedy Neon Red Polycarbonate 14oz Glasses - 24 Pack

Item No. GJ-142-1NR NS

£45.96 Incl. VAT £38.30 Excl. VAT

This Neon Red 14oz tumbler in the Remedy design is ideal for serving all sorts of beverages and under UV lighting provides a neon glow, great for parties. 

 Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic, they are ideal for both domestic and commercial use. 

Ideal for bars, pubs or outdoor catering, these polycarbonate glasses are the safe option, eliminating risks associated with broken glass.  More environmentally friendly than some disposable glasses, they can be washed and reused before being recycled at the end of their life.

Product information

Elite Remedy  14oz Beverage Neon Red NS

Product Code : GJ-142-1NR NS

Carton Quantity : 24

Manufactured In : UK

Material : Polycarbonate

Strength : Virtually unbreakable

Glass Washer Safe : Yes

Life Span : 1000 Cycles (up to)

Top Width : 88mm

Bottom Width : 59mm

Overall Height : 129mm

Weight : 157.4g

Capacity : 398ml/39.8cl/14oz

CE Marked : N/A

Colour : Neon Red

Reusable : Yes

Recyclable : Yes

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